I DO Stuff


Characterizing Mobile apps, responsive Websites, and cross platform projects.

I Use


Desinging Mobile apps, responsive Websites, User Interface Kits, cross platform projects.

I Use
Photoshop, Illustrator


Building responsive Websites and Saas products. Integrating effects and animations for a fluid interactive experience.

I Use
HTML, CSS, jQuery, JS, Bootstrap


Teaching soon to be designers through their first steps in the design world.

I Use
their thirst for knowledge

Art Directing

Guiding designers through their work. Time management and projects prioritizing.

I Use
Open mind, patience and a whip :)


Mentoring, professional and moral support, giving lectures and courses.
I love the design community and I try to help designers evolve.

I Use

I Am

Combining the two worlds of creativity and logic, to craft comprehensive, intuitive, and delightful experiences.

Over a decade of experience in design field, a solid UX/UI core, and extensive practice in UI Development, Mentoring, Art Direction and Post Production.

Process oriented, love a challenge, and possess a strong capacity to discover and handle logical connections. A good product need to reflect many faces, that is why my knowledge extend beyond the borders of design to the territories of the logical, technological and practical.


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