Domestic Peace

Cat. # » CD00 | Created » Aug 23-25, Sep 11 2009 | Original size » 136x140cm
Domestic Peace

The Domestic Peace Within

Deep inside lies the domestic peace. The question is if we can recognize the path and create the door to enter through…

There is a path to the residence of domestic peace but there is no entry to it. The house which is the theme of the artwork, the domicile,is the actual habitat of peace, but it is not reachable, there is no door that leads inside of it. This is the allegory of this artwork, it’s like the peace that resides within ourselves but we don’t know how to reach it. We know it is there because we have ad certain glances at it, but most of time we have no access to this area.

Actually, domestic peace is not really outside of us, its not actually in the house, but within us. When we are at peace then our relationships are harmonious and our habitats are congenial, not the other way around. The torments within can stain or shatter even the most heavenly atmospheres and pleasant situations. Domestic peace is a spiritual concept, it is a personal achievement of the spiritual pursuer.

The Inner Structure of Domestic Peace

The path to domestic peace is evident, but the door leading inside is yet to exist…

I pondered a lot on whether to close the containing rectangle, so that the path would not appear as a white subtract biting into the composition content. I figured that when the rectangle is closed the artwork would appear somewhat more conformist and less disturbing in terms of visual perception, and so perhaps would ease on the observer. However the message of the artwork would then change into something else. If the rectangle is closed than even the path leading to the domestic peace will become inaccessible – not good. The path is open but the door is yet to exist…

Anyhow, in this artwork you might recognize the game of conflict between the perspective of depth and the abstract two-dimensional, the joyful play between the Mondrian abstract and the minimalistic figurative, the perfect balance of colorfulness that coincides completely with the theme and purpose of the artwork…in an overall consensus-defying composition.

A peace of domestic insight

Perhaps deep down I do not really believe in love and peace, perhaps I am more of a war monitor than I want to conceive…

The things we most aspire and crave for are the farthest from our reach, what we need the most is seemingly unattainable. However, in this case, I am the one of optimistic views. The artwork turned out this way, and I do not argue with direct inspiration since it defeats my intellect by far, although it is acutely developed. And if “Domestic Peace” turned out this way than probably there is a reason. Perhaps deep down I do not really believe in love and peace, perhaps I am more of a war monitor than I want to conceive. I say I meditate to improve myself, I say I believe in progress of the mind and the transcendence of the spirit into higher, loftier and more illuminated spaces, but do I really encompass the capacity for such frequencies or am I just full of shit?…

“Domestic Peace” in the eyes of others

Having thoroughly contemplated all that and plunged with the knife of awareness so deep into it, after I showed Domestic Peace to a friend, she said to me: “I see a dog barking, oh, and here’s its ear…or is that a house?… but I prefer Windmill Harmony over this one…”. You can’t win`em all… :-)

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