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Communism - Communist propaganda art

Communist Propaganda as an Art of Deceit

Communism is yet another name for the numerous failed attempts of trying to force the devil into changing it’s nature to one of an angel…

Communism as a way of life or as a political outlook is just one of numerous expressions of the basic existential suffering of mankind. The distorted perception of communism is born out of the lack of spiritual awareness to the true origins of the existential suffering and dissatisfaction, which is being expressed by wrongfully connecting this dissatisfaction and the type of political regime, as well as by communism’s propagandist promise for individual happiness in favor for the concession of individuality in the name of the exalted ideology of reducing personal needs, in order to obtain social equality.
This could have been true indeed, had this concession been made for God and not for Stalin.

Communist Propaganda as a Poster of Art

A Communist propaganda art poster would have depicted George Washington, the symbol of liberal rights as a prisoner of his own created democracy. He would have been torn apart from the honorary position upon the iconic symbol of Capitalism and tossed as a humiliated slave behind the bars of failed rebellion. The basic idea of Capitalism and Declaration of Independence turn ridiculous as the stars and stripes drop off the flag.

Criticizing Communism which criticizes Capitalism. Am I the Observer?

However, some of the rebelling youths of that Communist Russia, might have expressed their true notions of that propaganda, of course when no official was in sight… So basically in this artwork, I criticize Communism while it criticizes Capitalism.

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